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The Vintage Kitchens and 1890's General Store Museum  is the culmination of a six year effort to authentically recreate a fully appointed 1890's General Store, Edwardian Tea Room and period full size kitchens and dining rooms from 1870 to 1930.

The Vintage Kitchens are amazingly appointed creations of life in the heart of the home, with original appliances, implements and cooking artifacts. Each kitchen sits in an authentic, architectural house structure, featuring everything from gingerbread porches, stained glass windows to slate roofs. The Kitchens are positioned around an iron fenced brick courtyard surrounded with a wooden boardwalk.

This museum is also the home of the “From Hearth to Heart” cooking shows, which explore the multi-cultural history of Southern Cooking. Episodes are filmed in period clothing throughout all areas of this indoor museum.

The General Store houses a fabulous display of over 1000 pieces of genuine 1890's - 1910 store merchandise as well as an authentic Barber Shop, Post Office, Pharmacy and Dentist Office. This bi-level store also features a haberdashery, dry goods, green grocer, hardware and housewares emporium.

Violet’s Tea Room and Sweetery is a historic representation of an Edwardian Tea Room outfitted with all of the artifacts that helped the Tea Room become one of the underground tools that assisted women Suffragettes to plot and plan their actions for their right to vote while the men got haircuts next door!

We hope that you will plan a visit to historic Fitzgerald, GA to experience the home of the only Colony city in America founded to help heal the scars of the Civil War by reuniting Northern and Southern veterans to live as neighbors instead of enemies.


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Susan R Rochfort

Founder, Curator

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